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woman on pink background with jellyfish, blue gown with neon orange fan coral
Our Lady of the Moon Jellies
12 x 9 in

Our Lady of the Moon Jellies is a beautiful senior woman, a true Patron Saint of Old Florida. Inspired by both the beauty of age and the Florida's unique natural environment, she glows with the radiance of tropical colors. Our Lady is surrounded by Moon and Cone jellyfish, and has fluorescent orange fan coral designs on her blue robe.

This is a collage of original handmade screen prints and cut paper. Several years ago, I began a series of original art called "The 60 Year Project", featuring portraits of elder citizens, all at least 60 years of age to draw attention to issues of ageism and to highlight the beauty inherent in growing older. I received an award from The Puffin Foundation LTD for my artwork, and have had the honor of exhibiting internationally. These newest collages were made while I was an Artist in Residence at The Studios of Key West in the Spring of 2021.