Artwork > All Hallows

Saint, elder, screenprint, silk screen, found objects, pull tabs
Blessed Mother Who Dreams
15" x 22"

The 60 Years Project

Ageism is a byproduct of a hyper-consumerist mind set: the disposability of mass produced goods, the replacement of “old” with “new” without regard to quality or continued usefulness feeds into this attitude. In these images, mass produced discards find new life as impossible robes and royal collars made from pump valves and vacuum tubes, pull tab rings reappear as chain mail, soda bottles form crowns and halos that adorn images of elder members of my community. Every participant is at least 60 years old, some more than 90.

The 60 Years Project is funded in part by a grant from Puffin Foundation Ltd.

Blessed Mother Who Dreams

Screen print of elder Patron Saint.